Digital Nomad

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Travels

What is a digital nomad?

Because of technology and computers people can now live, work and travel to different places. So many jobs in tech have allowed people to live life on their own terms, living a life of passion and free will versus being held down by a 9-5 job that you have to go to everyday. This is at the core of every entrepreneur I know, to be able to do what you love on your own time and schedule without the restraints of a traditional job. But even now corporate companies are allowing people to work remotely and offsite. So the dynamics of the working world is changing, we are changing as a society.

Gone are the days that you have to stay and confine yourself to a job that may not fulfill your goals. You can now create the life you want and be completely autonomous without a boss.

I recently came back from a trip to Las Vegas, a good friend of mine invited and hosted me at their house for a week and I am so glad I went.


Traveling and working has been a really cool experience for me, this is my 2nd year doing it, the first time was visiting Vancouver in 2016 where another friend hosted me at their place. And I also have family who live there so that was a bonus. I really love seeing different places and experiencing new things and being mobile.

Not once did I even consider ever living or working in Las Vegas. The night scene is so chalk full of fun entertainment, music, comedies, and live shows. When I was younger, my family and I used to travel to Vegas in the summers during the early 90s when The Mirage was super popular. Now I see Las Vegas as so much more than just the strip, but staying outside of the strip is seriously relaxing.

Rejuvenute, relax, and slow down.

The idea of working and traveling somewhere new for a week is so appealing to me for the sheer reason that I can take myself out from my routine without having to meet with clients or to have to be responsible for my teenage son is the most freeing and relaxing experience. The summertime is also a great time for my son to visit his dad in San Diego and I can catch a break from him. It’s nice for once to not have to worry about anything else besides yourself.

When I take a break from my reality do I really get to step outside of myself and get to see things from a different perspective. As someone who is a workaholic, I can come back to a more present state of awareness where I can reconnect with a deeper part of myself, listening to an inner guidance. And the most freeing aspect is being able to create from a spontaneous point of view where you can allow yourself that time and space to dream or come up with new ideas.

I worked anywhere between 2-4 hours a day during the entire week I was there and took some time in between to lay out by the pool to get a tan or go swimming. Then I’d take a short nap in the late afternoon and my friend would take me out onto the strip to check out a few different hotels and bars.

This week really forced me to slow down and really be more present and to not worry about things that are out of my control. You can only control your present reality. 

I really did enjoy my time here and am planning on more work, travel trips in the near future.