Digital Tie-Dye Patterns & Finding Inspiration

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In the last few months, I started to really go within to figure out what kind of art I wanted to create – even though I have an MFA in Animation, my first area of study was Graphic Design and I had spent a few years working as a Graphic Designer first before diving deep into drawing & story. One of my first jobs after design school was an Illustrator/Product Designer at Hurley Accessories in San Diego back in 2007. And it’s interesting because I find myself going back to those roots now. March of this year really marked the end of freelancing with clients and really focusing on working on my own personal art.

I’ve been obsessed with creating digital tie-dye patterns. Yes, digital tie-dye! In the process of creating these patterns, I’ve had to create a set of my own Photoshop brushes to get the results that I was aiming for. I started to find inspiration in the things I liked from my wardrobe at home, I’ve compiled a photo of all of my tie-dye inspired clothing that I’ve bought over the years and started to think about what attracted me to these designs. A lot of it is color and pattern, each design is so unique and different that I decided I wanted to apply this to my own creations. I also do a lot of research online for color palettes, what brands I like to follow on Instagram, and also the boho style home decor inspires a lot of my creations.

I recently set up shop on Creative Market back in May and I am so excited to start selling Digital Tie-Dye Photoshop brushes! There’s a bunch of other digital graphic resources I sell, check out my product offerings here on my Shop!

Here’s one of my first products I released, a set of 18 Digital Tie-dye Photoshop brushes Vol.1, Get this set here!

  • .abr file to load onto your brush preset palette
  • Formatted for Photoshop CS5 (if you need it formatted for an older version please send me an email through my blog)
  • All brushes are high res 2000px by 2000px across for creating higher res files.
  • 8 Large Tie-Dye Brush Clumps : for blocking out bigger areas.
  • 10 Individual Tie-Dye Stripe Brushes
  • Includes an in depth 10 Page PDF Guide Book for using brushes and Pro tips, techniques.

Tie-dye patterns and fabrics have been around for a while with roots in India, Japan, and Africa. Tie-dye is most commonly created by tying a string around the fabric, folding it in different ways and then applying the dye to fabric. It’s a very involved process, one that is messy and takes time to dry. Tie-dye in America was popularized by the hippies of the 60s mainly as an expression of their free-spirit and rebellion from the strict social norms of the 50s. Its interesting to note that a more modern version is starting to come back and finding its way into home goods, apparel, shoes, etc.

Simple tricks for creating a design:

  • Pick a color scheme and do some research online to find some inspiration
  • Paint your designs into separate photoshop layers so that you can adjust the placement of elements to your liking.
  • You can transform and edit the layers horizontally and vertically to get different results.
  • Play with duplicating the layers and changing the layer blend mode to multiply, color burn to get interesting effects. I also recommend playing with the layer opacity to get different effects.
  • Play and have fun!

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