Photoshop Brush Release: Shibori Tie-Dye

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Product Releases

Shibori Digital Tie-Dye Brushes Vol.1 

Newly released!

Shibori Digital Tie-Dye 12 Photoshop Brushes

Shibori is an ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique that means “shaped resist dyeing,” which describes the inherent patterning process of manipulating the two-dimensional cloth surface into three-dimensional shapes before compressing them to dye.

I wanted to create something digital but with a hand made feel, I came up with this set of “Shibori tie-dye” photoshop brushes that anyone can use to create some fun projects. My aim was to create something that creatives can use to add to their design by using specific shapes.

This is perfect for artists of all kinds! Designers, fashion designers, illustrators, hobbyists and crafters! Create your own designs onto products!

Shibori Tie-Dye Photoshop Brushes in action, pillow mockup

12 Brushes to get you started in creating all kinds of Shibori patterns!


What’s included in the Shibori Brush Pack:

  • .abr file to load onto your brush preset palette
  • Formatted for Adobe Photoshop CC
  • All brushes are high res 2000px by 2000px across for creating higher res files.
  • 12 Large Tie-Dye Brushes
  • Includes a PDF Brush Guide and Tutorial Guide!

You can purchase this Photoshop brush set as a digital download on my Gumroad shop

Create awesome digital tie-dye patterns with this custom set of 12 Photoshop Brushes! Great for branding projects or creating your own UNIQUE patterns and art to sell online.

Some basic knowledge of Photoshop is helpful, a step by step PDF book instructions included.

Check out these brushes in action with this video tutorial I made!