Hi Friends!

I just recently launched my online course “Social Media & Your Business”

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or creative person, its almost necessary that you learn how to promote yourself on social media. Learn the fundamentals of branding, how to use Instagram & Facebook to promote your business online. Learn to find and define your target audience, learn what to post, learn digital tools for creating graphics on your computer and mobile device, and learn how to create video content for social media.

Worksheets and actionable checklists included to guide you and to help you with creating your own company brand book and tools for organizing your content. At the end of completing this course, you will be able to successfully use social media to grow your business online. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level to grow your presence online, doing the work will help you to understand how some of the social media platforms work together. And as an entrepreneur, I also empower you to learn all these tools at your finger tips and not have to farm out your social media to companies that may not understand your business.

Learn at your own pace, the course modules don’t expire, get lifetime access whenever, wherever you are!

Get locked in at this rate and keep learning as I continue to update the course materials!

Social Media & Your Business Online Course


When you purchase “Social Media & Your Business”, you’ll also get the course, “Creating Social Media Graphics on Canva” for free! This course will be available in the next two weeks

Here are the Video Topic Tutorials:

  • Setting Up Your Canva Account
  • Navigating through the Canva User Interface
  • Uploading Your Images & Logos
  • Finding color hex codes from images
  • Typography & Visual Design Principles
  • Designing Your Facebook Page & Twitter Header
  • Designing Social Media Templates for Instagram
  • Designing Header Graphics for Email Newsletter
  • Sharing Your Graphics with Other Team Members
  • Exporting & Downloading Your Canva Graphics