Digital Tie-Dye Pattern Making in Photoshop

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve just created my very first class on digital tie-dye pattern making and is now live on Skillshare! This class has been in the works for a while, I’ve been selling Photoshop brush sets on Creative Market  for almost a year now and a lot of the requests I’ve been getting were about how to go about making digital tie-dye patterns. I’ve come up with a set of 7 mini videos, easily digestable on the go, class totaling up to 30 mins. You can now create your own digital tie-dye patterns in this simple easy to follow class!

You can also download the Skillshare app for your android or ios device.

Take my class free for the first month as well as any other Skillshare classes!

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And please check out my class and let me know what you think! Promo code included to purchase my

3 Photoshop Brush Set Bundle!