Using Instagram to promote a sample sale


How can you use Instagram to promote a sample sale or event? The Freda Salvador brand did a great job of promoting their sample event on Instagram! It was my first time ever attending a sample sale in Sausalito! I love brands and I do love quality products, yet I focus so much on building my business and working with clients that I rarely have time to go out and enjoy the morning. A friend of mine recently invited me to partake in a sample sale by Freda Salvador,  a local shoe brand in the bay area. It was a very interesting experience!


Using Instagram to promote a sample sale


The power of using social media is a great way to engage with customers about your brand. In this case they posted about their event on their Instagram account on Monday July 17 and Wednesday July 19th, for their sale that was going on that Thursday July 20th. Posting multiple times during the week right before the event is a good way for people catching your posts and seeing it at different times. You also don’t want to post more than once about an event in one day, you want to spread it out so that you don’t become too salesy or pushy about trying to sell something.

Using Instagram to promote a sample sale

Two of my lovely friends Cigdem and my good friend Kristy visiting from San Diego, so we made a girls day of it and had brunch afterwards!

Using Instagram to promote a sample sale


Excited customers waiting in line! The event started at 10:00 a.m., yet there were people in line even earlier! The event hosts even encouraged their customers to post their purchases on their Instagram accounts and to tag the brand for a contest. I think this is also a good strategy to get a brand promoted through other people’s accounts and to get seen on multiple accounts, this in turn brings in more traffic to a brand’s profile page.

Using Instagram to promote a sample sale


Unfortunately they had a limited amount of shoe sizes for different shoe styles, my friends were disappointed with the selection as their sizes ranging between 6.5 – 8.5 and those sizes are very common women’s sizes. The best shoes came in very small sizes in 4 and 5.5, yet I think the majority of women don’t typically have shoe sizes that small! Many women rushed in grabbing an armful of shoes to be one of the first to try the best shoe! It seemed like the average was one to two pairs of shoes. It’s interesting that some women had no clue which ones they wanted to buy and I noticed a lot of them were standing around trying to decide which pair of shoe they wanted to invest in. I mean the shoes are quite an investment!

using Instagram to promote a sample sale

Woman trying to figure out which pair to buy.

Using Instagram to promote a sample sale event


It was actually also really nice that they served complimentary coffee and pastries which is a plus! I think that at any given time that a company is trying to promote an event on Instagram, it’s also a good idea to hashtag the post to specific tags so that people searching through tags can also find it. Instagram has definitely become my go to place for finding things, I typically use it to look hairstyles, study brands, and also observe brand strategy through different accounts.

Instagram has come a long way from just being a phone little app on your iPhone to give your photos a cool filter that you can share with your friends. It has become such a great way to sell products, to promote and gain brand awareness, and many more! Its a great way to showcase your brand or your work so that you can build and engage with an audience.

Some great ways to engage with people by promoting your content:

  • Encourage contests and have your customers tag you in their posts
  • Ask your audience questions, it provides great market research into their consumer habits
  • Experiment with different postings, something that people would respond to. Maybe a product in different colors or a variation? Maybe some inspiration photos or some process photos to show people the behind the scenes workings of your company or brand.


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