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Hello, I’m Diane.

I’m a Surface Designer, Illustrator, & Online Educator.

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I am originally from San Diego, I am inspired by surf & skate culture, tie-dye shirts, and hand drawn black and white illustrations. I have been a graphic artist and illustrator for 15+ years. I studied and have a bachelor’s in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California – San Diego and received an MFA in Visual Development/2D Animation from the Academy of Art University San Francisco in 2013.

My clients have included Hasbro Studios as a product designer working on the Disney doll properties, Skechers USA as a visual development artist working on the development style of a short 2D animated commercial. I’ve also freelanced at Salesforce, at agencies like WME, and have worked on children’s book projects. Check out my other Graphic Design Portfolio here.

I also have taught classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Currently working and freelancing remotely on art and client work.

I create digital tie-dye patterns and artwork and sell them on print on demand products on Redbubble and Society6.

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About Diane - As Free as the Ocean - The Gypsy Goddess

Artist Statement

Diane Pascual is a San Diego, CA native whose artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the vibrant surf and skate culture of the late 90s. As the founder of The Gypsy Goddess, a surface pattern design brand, Diane strives to capture the essence of creative freedom and transport the spirit of the 70s into the modern day. Her bold and colorful works, infused with a carefree nod to retro aesthetics, showcase her unique ability to bring the past to life through digital art.

Diane’s artistic process is entirely digital, as she creates digital design tools, specifically Photoshop Brushes, that empower other creative individuals to expedite their design processes. Her captivating artistry revolves around dreamy digital patterns and tie-dye motifs, reflecting her signature style. Having started her journey as a freelancer, Diane’s talent caught the attention of renowned companies such as Skechers, Hasbro Studios, and WME Agency, resulting in collaborations on remarkable projects. However, despite her success, Diane found herself burned out and yearning for the joy she once derived from creating her own work.

In 2016, Diane stumbled upon the world of creating digital tie-dye patterns in Photoshop, igniting a new passion within her. She began digitally painting patterns and developing tie-dye stamp brushes, which she subsequently sold on the digital marketplace Creative Market. Over the past seven years, Diane’s creations have garnered significant attention and recognition, with features on Creative Market’s site and email newsletters, expanding her audience and customer base. Drawing inspiration from customer feedback, she continuously evolves and diversifies her digital product offerings. Through her entrepreneurship, Diane has achieved not only passive income but also the freedom to indulge in her creative pursuits.

Diane’s outstanding work on Creative Market has not only attracted loyal customers but also caught the attention of notable brands and has licensed her patterns and artwork to Shein. Recently, she was commissioned by Adobe to create an exclusive set of Shibori Tie-Dye Photoshop Brushes for the Adobe Discover website, further solidifying her position as a talented and sought-after artist. Additionally, Diane has embraced the digital platform by establishing a YouTube channel, where she shares weekly tutorial videos, fostering a sense of community and providing aspiring artists with invaluable knowledge.

Despite the challenges she faced along the way, Diane’s determination to pursue her passion and make the most of her time has yielded remarkable results. Starting from scratch, she has built an inspiring online following that genuinely supports her work. Throughout her journey, Diane has learned the importance of patience, being present in the moment, and fearlessly pursuing her dreams. With an unwavering excitement for the future, she eagerly embraces new opportunities and remains open to exploring diverse avenues in her artistic career.

I've Been Featured on Dribbble!

The Gypsy Goddess Featured on Dribbble

Redbubble Featured Artist

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by Jen Durant, March 6, 2017

San Francisco-based artist, Diane Pascual’s art reflects a freedom of creative expression that brings the 70’s forward to modern day. Diane’s spirited collection contains bold and colorful works with a carefree nod towards the retro.

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The Gypsy Goddess x SHEIN Collab

I recently licensed some of my patterns to SHEIN for a collab!

Check out my patterns on these fun festival inspired clothing!

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Adobe Collaboration

Created and Designed an exclusive set of 10 Digital Tie-Dye Shibori Brushes for Photoshop.

Free Adobe Shibori Brushes - The Gypsy Goddess