Refund Policy


Please Read before making a purchase! 

If you have a question about a product and are not sure, please email me and ask a question before you make a purchase that you will regret, email me here at:

I am here to help you! 


Refund Policy – The Gypsy Goddess 

We don’t normally refund digital products. If you purchased the incorrect item, you will be given a coupon code for the correct product and a new download link will be sent to your email. 

Please include screenshots of the wrong item purchased, order no., etc. 

Please include a screenshot of the wrong item in your trash bin on your computer. 

Use of refunded product on the internet is prohibited and will be flagged. 

The unique nature of refunding digital products

When a refund is requested on the purchase of a physical product, the product is returned and the money refunded. However when a refund is requested for a digital product, there is no way for the customer to truly return the purchased item. It remains in their possession indefinitely.



To request a refund, you will be asked for the following information, which you can send by email to

  • Order number with which you purchased your product from your ACCOUNT area on or in the email received. Please screenshot and add to the email along with the NAME of the product.
  • Description of the item and / or order.
  • Reason for which the refund is requested.
  • Form of payment with which the purchase was acquired.

Requests for reimbursement will be analyzed and the customer will be notified both in cases of proceeding and in cases of non-reimbursement and reasons.