Adobe Create Reno: A Night of Innovation and Inspiration

by | May 25, 2024 | Art, Design, Fashion Trends, Generative AI, Photoshop Tutorials

I had an incredible time at the Adobe Create event in Reno tonight! It’s exciting that Adobe decided to bring their creative powerhouse to our city. The last Adobe event I attended was in LA many years ago, and it’s amazing to see how much the software has evolved over the past 18 years.

Me and my boyfriend Nate at the event.

It was so great to see Adobe Creators discussing their enthusiasm for the new Adobe Generative AI Features!

The focus of the event was on the latest Generative AI features within Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Firefly, and Adobe Express. We were treated to some fantastic tutorials and insightful discussions on how to make the most of these cutting-edge tools.

Highlights from the Event:

Adobe Firefly:

  • Structure & Reference: Utilize a sketch photo or logo as a reference.
  • Content Credentials: Visit to showcase your credentials when uploading a screenshot.

Adobe Illustrator:

  • Recolor & Retype: Easily recolor and retype elements in your designs.
  • Upload Vector Style: Customize your designs by uploading unique vector styles.
  • Dimension Tool: Use the dimension tool for precise packaging measurements.
  • Resize Tool in Adobe Express: Efficiently resize designs for various social media platforms.
  • Calendar Scheduler: Organize your workflow with the built-in calendar scheduler.

Photoshop Beta:

  • Brush in Hue and Saturation: Experiment with new brush settings for enhanced creativity.
  • Expand Video Timeline: Expand the video timeline for more detailed editing.
  • Generative Fill: When using generative fill, ensure your reference photo matches the required size for accurate results.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended this event and learn these new tricks. Adobe’s advancements in Generative AI are truly groundbreaking, and I’m eager to incorporate these tools into my own creative process.

Exciting News: Advanced Photoshop Techniques Course

Speaking of innovation, I’m thrilled to announce a bonus section in my “Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Surface Designers and Illustrators” course! This new addition includes a mini-course with 5 videos focused on mastering AI-driven textures and seamless patterns in Photoshop.

Bonus Mini Course – 5 Videos:

  1. Introduction to AI-Enhanced Seamless Patterns: Discover the basics of integrating AI into your pattern design process.
  2. AI-Driven Textures for Enhanced Surface Patterns: Learn how to create stunning textures using AI tools.
  3. Crafting Seamless Patterns with Generative AI: Step-by-step guide to developing seamless patterns.
  4. Advanced Techniques for Pattern Variation and Adaptation: Explore techniques for varying and adapting patterns using AI.
  5. Introduction to Adobe Firefly and Navigating the Interface: Get started with Adobe Firefly and master its interface.

This bonus mini-course is designed to help you push the boundaries of your creativity and leverage the power of AI in your design work.

Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials as I experiment with these exciting new features. In the meantime, you can explore some of my work and learn more about my creative journey on my website.

Happy creating! Don’t forget to watch the full tutorial on YouTube to see how I bring these patterns to life.

Check out my Free Photoshop Training Video here and learn more about my new course, “Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Surface Pattern Designers and Sign Up to watch!



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