I can’t stress enough the importance of journal writing. Writing can be a channel to help heal our wounds, it can also provide us a space to record great ideas, and to express ourselves. Many of us creatives are also artists, sketching and doodling inside our notebooks. We are very sensitive, intuitive beings and writing/sketching provides a way for us to connect things together.

I tend to keep a small notebook or sketchbook to record many thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Lately I’ve been using my iPhone a lot to jot down ideas or notes that I later don’t want to misplace with a pile of loose notes! I used to have this really bad habit of writing many things down on sticky notes and then realizing I had too many that I didn’t need! Bad for the environment! I usually carry around a small 5×8 moleskin sketchbook in my purse in case I come up with ideas I want to draw for personal art. And I have a separate small one for writing story ideas, lists, and literally for writing about dreams I had the night before! I don’t know how long I’ve been recording my dreams, maybe since I was small. But I find that writing them down gives me an opportunity to mull it over while I think deeply about what it all means. This has worked well for me in the past, as I have often came back to them a week later and figured out what it was a symbol or metaphor for in my life! (Someday I hope to have the courage to publish a book on just dreams and theory. Oh that will be a future project!)

We need an outlet and a way for us to express ourselves, even just writing things down will help us make sense of our own lives. Everything in life is always a process, we go through so many things and it can be a bit overwhelming when we’re in our thoughts all the time. I know being an artist and creative has its challenges in putting emotions into words. We may feel and think about the same things– but sometimes we don’t always associate them or make sense of them as easily. We are deep thinkers! At least I like to think of myself as a thinker and being deeply connected to my spirituality.

No matter what purpose you end up using a journal or sketchbook for, its value goes a long way. Almost as if a moment of time was frozen and captured in this book.

KISS. Keep it simple stupid.

Even if you are just a writer, I would suggest getting a blank sketchbook so that you don’t have to be bound by the lines. Having one notebook to do both the writing and sketching can help you keep things in one place. Not to mention this will even help you get organized! Also dating your entries is a good idea of keeping track of them.

Make it a daily habit.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, but getting into the habit of writing about how you feel that day or at that moment will help you sort out your thoughts and emotions. Or it could even be a time where you sketch or draw. Make time for it and factor it into your routine. Maybe you get up and make coffee before you go to work and can have a bit of reflection to write/sketch about. Or maybe even mid-day on your lunch break or before bed-time.

Build self-awareness.

This is key to staying motivated on your path as a creative. The more you tune into your thoughts, feelings, and ideas– the more self-aware you become about who you are, your goals, and direction in life.

Ideas to use your sketchbook/journal for:

Making lists.

Outlining stories.

Goal setting. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Writing about your dreams and interpreting them.

Bucklet lists.

Great ideas.