SHEIN Pattern Favorites Re-launch

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Art, Design, Fashion Trends, New Work Updates

Hey, fabulous readers! I hope you’re all wrapped up in the cozy embrace of creativity. Today, I’m buzzing with excitement as I spill the beans about the latest chapter in my design journey – the recent relaunch of my patterns on the SHEIN website. Hold on tight, because the response has been nothing short of magical!

As of January 5, 2024, SHEIN relaunched the printing of my patterns on their site, plastering their platform with my seamless pattern designs on apparel and products! Fast forward to today, and guess what? Every single piece is SOLD OUT! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster—I was crossing my fingers to snag a few of my own designs on apparel. [I was too late!]

This marks the third season that my patterns have danced their way back onto the SHEIN stage, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel super lucky to be a part of their pilot program that started last year and have since contributed new designs last fall. Check those designs out in my other post here.

Curious to see the magic yourself? Just click here to check out my SHEIN artist profile. Most of the designs featured are up for grabs, waiting to find a new home in your closet. While the rhythm of reprints remains a mystery, I’ve rounded up some patterns that have sprinkled their charm across various products, complete with links for you to bookmark to come back to at a later time.

Isn’t it intriguing to wonder which patterns catch the eye of companies like SHEIN? I’m enamored by the process and the joy of knowing people around the world get to revel in my designs through a variety of products.

Thank you for being part of this artistic adventure! Your support fuels my creative fire, and I’m thrilled to keep the momentum going. Stay tuned for more waves of seamless patterns, and let’s keep the artistry alive and kicking! Let me know which patterns are your favorite?